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Baltic Earth Newsletter

The Baltic EarthNewsletter is intended to be published 2-4 times a year. It contains news, information, announcements of meetings and events around Baltic Earth as well as scientific articles related to the Baltic Earth Grand Challenges. You can send an article anytime to the IBES at balticearth(at)

It is hoped that the Baltic Earth Newsletter may be widely and regularly used for information on results of running and past projects and studies, as well as ideas and plans for future research.

As of No. 2, the Newsletter is in e-mail format and a pdf is provided here as well.

Drift bottles in the southern Baltic Sea
Conference on “Shipping and the Environment - From Regional to Global Perspectives”
WaterPUCK Modeling
Seasonal variability of the Baltic Sea sea level based on satellite altimetry
FMI’s Baltic Sea Argo Update
Wellbeing from the Baltic Sea – applications combining natural science and economics

joint issue with the final BALTEX Newsletter No. 16